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Agile Project Management with Scrum

I liked the way the trainer could quote examples from personal experience when answering questions.

Kevin Gwilliam - Nagra Media UK Ltd

Cassandra for Developers

All technical explanation and theoretical introduction

André Santos - Farfetch Portugal - Unipessoal, Lda

Linux System Administration

Trainer was technically well experienced and didn't hesitate to discuss the technical stuff outside the syllabus. We all felt very comfortable in clarifying our queries.


Sajin Asokan - Wipro Technologies

Beyond the relational database: neo4j

Flexibility to blend in with Autodata related details to get more of a real world scenario as we went on.

Autodata Ltd

TensorFlow for Image Recognition

Very updated approach or api (tensorflow, kera, tflearn) to do machine learning

Paul Lee - Hong Kong Productivity Council

Excel Advanced Level + Excel Intermediate Level

New tricks learned. Adopted to our needs.

Vidor Gregus - Everesta, s.r.o.

Minitab for Statistical Data Analysis

2nd day we done lots of examples of gauge R&R & Criticality assessments

Vascutek Ltd

Spark for Developers

We know know a lot more about the whole environment

John Kidd - Cardano Risk Management

Git for Victims of Subversion

Very knowledgable trainer and well thought out exercises

Chris Moore - Application Solutions (Safety and Security) Limited

Social Media Marketing

The trainer was extremely well informed, it was evident that she had a high level of experience and the covered the subjects which we had specified.

Alexander Thurin - defacto nextperience GmbH

Transact SQL Advanced

The ability to ask questions at any time and the more informal / less structured style. This allowed us to pursue the areas of knowledge we were most interested in.

Jim Lane - Bristol City Council

Neural Networks Fundamentals using TensorFlow as Example

Topic selection. Style of training. Practice orientation

Commerzbank AG

Scrum Essentials Workshop

The trainer adapted every stage of the session in order to match as well the ideal case from the subject to our organisation needs and possibilities.

Wenceslas Lariviere - World Intellectual Property Organization

BPMN 2 Fundamentals and Workshop

The trainer gave good examples I could relate to, provided excellent exercises to support each topic covered. Few participants made it possible for the trainer to respond adequately to the participants' individual questions. The trainer stayed motivated throughout and has excellent knowledge of the subject. The trainer prepared us very well for the exam we will take in the near future.    

Great presentation of BPMN2 and the subtleties of the standard. Prep for OCEB exam.

David Attwood - Siemens Wind Power

Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration

Numerous topics / covered spectrum

Edward Fennen - Lippert Components

AngularJS Basics

The trainer was very knowledgeable and was great answering questions :)

Gareth Jenkins - Trapeze Group Rail Ltd

Data and Analytics - from the ground up

Detailed and comprehensive instruction given by experienced and clearly knowledgeable expert on the subject.

Justin Roche - Digital Jersey

Python Programming

fact that customisation was taken seriously

jurgen linsen - BVBA 7pines

Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

Overall, I saw the effort and the knowledge of the trainer of the of the subject to impart knowledge.

Optum, Inc

Bespoke Javascript

verry friendly, very helpful and well prepared

Sigrid Wiltsch - OCLC GmbH

Node.js for JavaScript Developers

all the in code examples

Node.js for JavaScript Developers

I liked that through this training Joey was able to cover different levels of knowledge and he made this course very interesting and understandable for the beginners and for more experienced developers.

Tetyana Myronova - SSENSE

Apache Cassandra 2.x Core Internals

Amadeusz' ability to adapt to our level was excellent. He covered everything, but jumped into more advanced topics rather quickly where it was possible.

Thomas Cook Group plc

Excel Advanced

It was very good to have a 1-on-1 Training with Slawomir. He was able to answer all my questions and provided plenty of examples and assistance to apply what he taught.

Jennifer Hamperl - Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH

MariaDB Database Administration

Training material was very informative. Learned a lot


Docker and Kubernetes

The presentation was quite clear, Adriano answered to all questions.

Cristian Trufasila - Oberthur Technologies

Secure Web Application Development and Testing

I liked he was passionate about the subject and very convincing too.

Diana Vladulescu - Zype TV Limited

IIS 7 and ASP.NET Administration

Fulvio took time to look at issues and explain

Pass on my appreciation to Fulvio - excellent company, great lecturer/instructor - a great 3 days

Rawdon Smith - Staffordshire County Council

Python Programming

Joey has an infectious enthusiasm about programming. And he was very good at adapting to our needs and interests on the fly.

Randy Enkin - Natural Resources Canada

Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration

Materials, labs and extensive knowledge shown by the trainer

Richard Hennessy - Dassault Systemes Ltd

Developing Websites with PHP

Tailored specifically to my needs and lots of Drupal examples

Catherine Redfern - Higher Education Academy


Business Process Analysis with UML and BPMN

Fast paced - good interaction - clearly very knowledgable trainer.

Drupal 8 for Developers

Real-life examples and practical exercises. Lots of areas covered.

Catherine Re - Higher Education Academy

JMeter Advanced

The Trainer was excellent and showed a very professional way in leading this training, we will be glad if we can have another training with the same trainer but in different field, thanks


Amer Anabtawi - EtQ Inc.

Subversion for Users

Very enjoyable and well-prepared session, and I think everyone learned a lot both about the techniques of using SVN day to day and the best practices for managing tags and branches.


Richard Jonas - Jack Wills Ltd

Git for Victims of Subversion

Very knowledgable trainer and well thought out exercises

Chris Moore - Application Solutions (Safety and Security) Limited

WebServices with SOAP and WSDL Basics

Lukasz was very helpful and very patient with us and the exercises were well planned and the material was well presented and demonstrated

Philip Eagan - Canada Revenue Agency; Canada Revenue Agency

Data and Analytics - from the ground up

The way the trainer made complex subjects easy to understand.

Adam Drewry - Digital Jersey

Activiti for Process Developers

The practical understanding and explanation of the use of Activity (Good things vs not so good things)


Partnerships and certifications

OMG-Certified Expert in BPM 2 (OCEB2)

"The OCEB™ program - OMG-Certified Expert in BPM - consists of five examinations, granting five Certifications. Above the single Fundamental level, the program splits into two tracks - one Business-oriented , the other Technically oriented."

NobleProg has official OMG OCEB 2 Content Developer status, which means that our course outlines and training materials were developed by the same experts who prepared questions for OCEB 2 exams.

More information:

OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP)


"OMG created OCUP to provide a certification, an objective indication, of your knowledge of UML, OMG's Unified Modelling Language.

This will benefit you by giving you an important credential to present to employers and clients. It also benefits companies looking for skilled UML practitioners like you, by giving them a basis for making hiring and promotion decisions."


OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP)

If you're a Systems Engineer, or making a hiring decision, or awarding a promotion or a raise, and if your company sells engineering services to clients on contract, OCSMP Certification at a suitable level represents a significant credential that differentiates you from your peers. Your superiors will think of you when they assign responsibility for projects based on MBSE, and when they make decisions on promotion or compensation.

Google Cloud Platform

GOOGLE CERTIFIED - Earn your certification. Boost your career.

Become a Google Certified Professional or Associate and show the world that you can design, develop, manage and administer application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology. The Google Certified designation means you've demonstrated the necessary skills to leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms businesses and meaningfully impacts the people and customers they serve.

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