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Providing professional skills development training including Cyber Security, Infrastructure, AI, Business Intelligence and Software Development to leading businesses and Government.

Open source technology training is an area of particular strength.

We focus on capability, developing real life practical skills that can be utilised in the workplace.


Data | Artificial Intelligence | Cyber Security


Bespoke and Customised

NobleProg has a substantial catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ courses but our reputation as a leading advanced technology training provider is based on our ability to work with clients to create bespoke / customised learning.

Connecting our clients with our experts early in the engagement process creates learning events which exactly meet our clients’ needs.

Topics and Content / Duration / Theory to Practical Ratio can all be tailored and the inclusion of Data and Labs which are recognisable to the delegates means impactful learning.


Our Experts

NobleProg trainers combine a mastery of theory with the experience of real-world application.

Many remain practitioners in their field.

Courses are delivered in a dynamic and engaging way, with a focus on enhancing capability.


Our Methodology / Approach to Pedagogy

Our Programmes are ‘hands on’ from the outset.

We know that it is vital to ‘learn through doing’, regardless of the starting point of the delegates.


Learner Journey

We use a blended approach. Theory combined with practical application: an emphasis on learning and practising the real world skills that the role demands.


Pre Learning Event:

The NobleProg learner journey begins with the completion of a comprehensive Pre Course Questionnaire.

All delegates set out their existing level of knowledge and skills, any key areas of training they wish to focus on, and what they hope to gain from completion of the training.

Our trainers tailor each course to an appropriate level for the group, making any adjustments to ensure the course is fully inclusive for the whole cohort.


Post Learning Event:

We follow up 4 weeks after the completion of the course. It is vital to understand not just how our delegates feel immediately after the event but also how it has benefited them when they return to role.

Post course surveys suggest that on returning to their role the majority of learners can retain the skills acquired during the course and that these skills improved their capability for their role.


A global leader in advanced technology training

Expertise and Quality

A trusted partner, delivering outstanding training of real value



Complete Training

We are cutting edge technology training experts but enhancing capability requires more than increased skill and knowledge. That’s why we have a comprehensive soft skills training catalogue which focuses on communication and decision making at every level of an organisation.


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