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spebu SharePoint 2013 Essentials for Business Users 28 hours Module 1: Understanding SharePoint 2013 Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Capabilities Navigating the SharePoint 2013 Environment Using the SharePoint Ribbon Module 2: Using SharePoint Lists Overview of Using SharePoint Lists Add List Item Modifying and Deleting List Item Change a View Create a Personal View Modify or Deleting a View Module 3: Communicating with Team Members (?) Overview of Communicating with Team Members Announcements, Calendar Items, Tasks and Contacts Participate in a Discussion Board Contribute to a Blog Working with Wiki Pages Module 4: Custom Settings for SharePoint Create an Alert Subscribe to an Real Simple Syndication Feed Request Access to SharePoint Resources Module 5: SharePoint 2013 General Overview SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Administrator Roles SharePoint 2013Wheel Comparing SharePoint 2013 Versions Expanded Browser Capabilities Module 6: SharePoint 2013 Environment - Getting Started SharePoint 2013 Environment Navigation SharePoint 2013 Ribbon Adding and Editing Content in SharePoint 2013 Using Your Name Menu Module 7: Organization and Development of SharePoint 2013 Sites Governance and Best Practices Information Architecture Site Structure User Education Resources Module 8: Site Collections, Top Level Sites and Sites Overview of SharePoint 2013 Hierarchy SharePoint 2013 Site Inventory Creating Sites and Subsites Modifying Site Navigation Specialty Sites Sites and Navigation Best Practices Lab Module 9: Site Collections, Top Level Sites and Sites Exercise 1: Create a New Top Level Site Exercise 2: Create New Sub-Sites called New and Current Projects and Sales Exercise 3: Configure Navigation between the Learning Lake Site Module 10: Creating and Modifying Libraries and Lists Overview of Libraries Creating a Library in SharePoint 2013 Library Inventory Overview of Lists Creating a List in SharePoint 2013 List Inventory Library and List Best Practices Lab Module 11 : Creating and Modifying Libraries and Lists Exercise 1: Create a Custom List Exercise 2: Create a New Product Survey Exercise 3: Create a List from Excel Exercise 4: Create a Document Library Exercise 5: Create an Asset Library Exercise 6: Create a Wiki Page Library Module 12: Managing Permissions for Users and Groups Overview of Permissions and Security in SharePoint 2013 Permissions within SharePoint 2013 Managing Permissions within SharePoint 2013 Stop Inheriting Permissions Creating a New SharePoint 2013 Group Managing Users and Groups Other Permissions Management Tools Permissions Best Practices Lab Module 13: Managing Permissions for Users and Groups Exercise 1: View Permissions of SharePoint 2013 Objects Exercise 2: Add Users and Groups to SharePoint 2013 Objects Exercise 3: Create a New Managers Group with Customized Permissions Exercise 4: Stop Inheriting Permissions between SharePoint 2013 Objects Module 14: Site/Content Management and Collaboration Overview of Site and Content Management Content Management Setting up Alerts and Real Simple Syndication Targeting Audiences with Content Site and Content Management Best Practices Lab Module 15 : Site and Content Management Exercise 1: Modify the Current Welcome Page Exercise 2: Enable Content Management Exercise 3: Enable Content Rating Exercise 4: Working with Records Center Exercise 5: Enabling and Configuring Audience Targeting Module 16: Office 2010 Integration with SharePoint 2013 Overview of Office 2013 and Office Web App Collaborating Using Outlook 2013 Connecting and Collaborating with Office 2013 Backstage Connecting, Managing and Editing Documents Collaborating with PowerPoint 2013 Take Information Offline with SharePoint Workspace 2013 Integration of Visio 2013? Integration of Access 2013? Using InfoPath 2013 with SharePoint 2013 Office 2013 Integration Best Practices Module 17: Creating Consistency across Sites Site Columns Site Content Types Implementing Document Sets Show/Hide the Server Ribbon SharePoint Site Themes Overview of SharePoint Templates Managing Through Site Templates Managing Through List and Library Templates Page Layout and Site Template Settings Consistency Best Practices Lab Module 18 : Creating Consistency Across Sites (how can sites talk to each other) Exercise 1: Modify the SharePoint 2013 Site Theme Exercise 2: Create a Site Content Type Exercise 3: Create Document Set for Learning Lake Exercise 4: Create a Site Template Exercise 5: Create a List and Libraries Template Exercise 6: Designate a Specific Page Layout and Site Templates Module 19: Finding Information Using Search and Views Overview of Views Adding Columns to Lists and Libraries Creating Views in Lists and Libraries Configuring Per-Location View Overview of Metadata and Taxonomy for SharePoint 2010 Overview of Search Using SharePoint Search View and Search Best Practices Lab Module 20 : Finding Information Using Search and Views Exercise 1: Use Sorting and Grouping to Modify a View Exercise 2: Create a New View for Project Documents Exercise 3: Create Calendar and Gantt Chart Views Exercise 4: Create and Implement Managed Keywords and Best Bets Module 21: Displaying Data with Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 Overview of Web Parts Web Part Inventory Managing a Web Part on a Page Managing a Web Part Customizing a Web Part Web Part Maintenance Web Parts Best Practices Lab Module 22 : Displaying Data with Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 Exercise 1: Create and Modify a Web Part Page Exercise 2: Implement and Configure a Link List Web Part Exercise 3: Direct Tasks to Individuals using Task List Web Part Exercise 4: Implement and Configure a List View Web Part Exercise 5: Connect Web Parts to Display Information Module 23: Document Management through Workflows Overview of SharePoint 2013 Workflows Approval - SharePoint 2013 Workflow Three-State Workflow Collect Feedback - SharePoint 2013 Workflow Collect Signatures - SharePoint 2013 Workflow Disposition Workflow Managing Workflows in SharePoint 2013 Lab Module 24: Document Management through SharePoint 2013 Workflows Exercise 1: Create a Workflow to Approve New Projects Exercise 2: Create a Feedback Workflow Exercise 3: Create a Disposition Approval Workflow Module 25: Administrating a SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Overview of Administrating of SharePoint 2013 Additional Settings for Site Administration Additional Settings for Site Collection Administration
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