Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • Traditional and agile approach
  • Agile philosophy: Manifesto and Principles

2. Principles in Scrum

  • Introduction to Scrum farming
  • Scrum Pillars
  • Values and attitudes in Scrum

3. Responsibilities in the Scrum Team - organization of the work of an agile team

  • ScrumMaster
  • Product Owner
  • Developers

4. Events and process in Scrum - project/process organization in Scrum

  • Sprint structure
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrums
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

5. Artifacts and process in Scrum - creating business value in Scrum - working with requirements and quality

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Increment
  • Product Backlog refinement

6. Product Owner "on a daily basis" - selected aspects of Product Backlog management

  • Structure, prioritization and approaches to the organization of Work with the Product Backlog
  • Product Purpose
  • Identification of business value and quality - working with requirements

7. Scalable Scrum - the basis for organizing work in many Scrum teams

  • Organization of teams
  • Scaling artifacts and events

8. Presentation of the Product Backlog example in an IT application

9. Preparation for the exam - Product Owner trial tests


The training requires no additional preparation.

 14 Hours

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