Course Outline


  • Overview of PCB design process and its role in electronic systems.
  • Introduction to Eagle software: features, interface, and setup.
  • Understanding basic electronic components and theoretical concepts.

Installing and Configuring Eagle and EasyEDA

  • Installation and configuration of Eagle software.
  • Introduction to EasyEDA software for PCB design.

Eagle Features and Component Libraries

  • Exploring Eagle features for PCB design
  • Utilizing component libraries in Eagle

Schematic Design

  • Drawing a schematic in Eagle and EasyEDA
  • Analyzing the operation of electronic components in the circuit

PCB Layout Design

  • Translating schematic designs into PCB layouts using Eagle and EasyEDA
  • Layout optimization, trace routing, and PCB stack-up

Checking for Errors and Signal Integrity

  • Verifying the PCB layout for errors using Eagle and EasyEDA
  • Minimizing noise, crosstalk, and signal integrity issues

Generating Gerber Files for Manufacturing

  • Generating manufacturing-ready Gerber files using Eagle and EasyEDA
  • Understanding the use of each Gerber file applicable for any PCB design software

Quoting and Manufacturing PCBs

  • Overview of quoting the manufacture of PCBs through industrial manufacturers
  • Manufacturing prototype PCB cards with a professional finish using accessible materials


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of electronics
 21 Hours

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