Course Outline


  • Overview of the fundamentals of SolidWorks

Multibody Design Techniques

  • Creating multibody parts
  • Hiding or showing tree items
  • Patterning bodies
  • Combining bodies
  • Intersecting with solid bodies
  • Indenting feature
  • Deleting solid bodies

Saving Solid Bodies

  • Multibody part vs. assembly
  • Saving bodies function
  • Inserting new part
  • Modeling for rapid tooling
  • Splitting a part
  • Automating an assembly

Sketching with Splines

  • Curves in sketches
  • Using splines
  • Analyzing solid geometry
  • Style and fit spline

Introduction to Sweeping

  • Sweeping basics
  • Sweeping with guide curves
  • Using the SelectionManager

3D Sketching and Curve Feature

  • Using the curve features
  • Sweeping along a 3D path
  • 3D sketching
  • Using helix curve and spiral feature
  • Combining curves
  • Smoothing transitions

Threads and Library Feature Parts

  • Bottle features
  • Saving a library feature part
  • Performance considerations
  • Creating the sweep path and edges

Advanced Sweeping

  • Sweeping options
  • Configuring sweep settings
  • Profile orientation
  • Intersection curve feature
  • Visualizing sweep sections

Loft and Boundary Features

  • Comparing complex features
  • Lofting and boundary work
  • Copying and modifying a sketch

Advanced Loft and Boundary Feature

  • Additional curves in the loft and boundary
  • Centerline lofting
  • Adding sketch segments
  • Cleaning up a model
  • Working with faces

Advanced Filleting and Other Features

  • Fillet settings and parameters
  • Fillet options
  • FilletXpert
  • Wrap and deform features

Smart Features and Components

  • Exploring advanced feature patterns and configurations
  • Automating design changes using smart features
  • Utilizing design library components and customizable features

Macros and Design Notebook

  • Introduction to SolidWorks macros for automating repetitive tasks
  • Creating custom tools, menus, and macros to enhance productivity
  • Utilizing the design notebook
  • Integrating macros and the design notebook

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic computer skills
  • Understanding of mechanics and electronics
  • Basic understanding of the fundamentals of SolidWorks


  • Mechatronics engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Electronics engineers
 28 Hours

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