Course Outline


AutoCAD Plant 3D Basics and Productivity Tools

  • Review of essential tools and workflows
  • Enhancing productivity with ACAD tools
  • Setting up advanced project settings
  • Managing large project data effectively
  • Creating custom parts and equipment templates
  • Modifying existing component libraries

Enhanced Piping and Electrical Design

  • Complex piping routes
  • Specialty items and custom parts
  • Designing detailed electrical schemes and diagrams
  • Integration with mechanical design elements
  • Creating and managing electrical panels and PLC layouts
  • Coordination between electrical and mechanical components

Comprehensive Equipment and Structural Modeling

  • Designing complex equipment assemblies
  • ACAD-P3D: Comprehensive Plant Design techniques
  • Detailed structural modeling
  • Interaction between piping and structural components
  • Advanced interference-checking techniques
  • Resolving clashes and documentation

Integration and Collaboration in Design

  • Using data manager for project controls
  • Reports and exports for project tracking
  • Coordination with other Autodesk products
  • Managing collaborative workflows
  • Integrating design principles with manufacturing processes
  • Customizing designs for manufacturability

Customization and Real-world Application

  • Scripting and automation using AutoLISP
  • Custom script development for repetitive tasks
  • Modifying the user interface for specific workflows
  • Developing plugins and add-ons

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic knowledge of AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • Experience in 3D modeling


  • AutoCAD Plant 3D users
  • CAD managers
  • Design engineer
 21 Hours

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