Scrum for an advanced Scrum Master + preparation for PSM II Training Course

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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


Practical experience in working with Scrum Teams as a Scrum Master or in another role.


The training is intended for people working as a Scrum Master who do not want to limit themselves to mechanical Scrum. The training helps to understand how Scrum is actually meant to work, broad your Scrum Master competences and become a real agile leader. The training is also intended for people who want to systematize their knowledge and verify their practical experience in terms of the PSM II (Professional Scrum Master II) exam. The training teaches the interpretation of the Scrum Guide in line with the vision, which is necessary during the exam. The training is based on the latest version of ScrumGuide published in November 2020.

Course Outline

Complexity and empirical approach
Reasonable usage of the Scrum Framework in practice
Framework's pillars in Scrum events
Scrum Values and Scrum Master's stances
Scrum Master as a leader
Scrum Master's work with the Team and the whole organization

Artifacts and commitments in Scrum
Facilitation of Scrum events and reaching their goals
The common mistakes made during Scrum events
Sprint goal – how it should look and why it is vitally important
Estimation od work – how and why + how NOT to do it
Monitoring progress of Sprint Goal – what metrics really work and how to use them
Understanding and interpretation of the Scrum Guide
Keywords for the PSM II exam




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