Course Outline

Agile/Scrum Principles

  • Goals and Agile/Scrum suitability
  • Other Agile methologies
  • Scrum Process
  • Scrum Roles
  • BA Role in Scrum
  • Roles and suitable personality charater

Initiating a Scrum Project

  • Initial Meeting
  • Milestone Estimations
  • BA activities on a Scrum project
  • Exercise: Mock Initial Meeting
  • Product Baclog management
  • Who can modify product backlog
  • User Stories, Theme, Epics and Stories Groups
  • Exercise: User stories
  • Selecting user stotires to go into interation
  • Focusing on releasing usable funcaltiy in a single interation
  • Exercises

Scrum Process

  • BA meetings involvment
  • Scrum Estimation and Planning
  • Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Presentation Meeting
  • Retrospection Meeting
  • BA and user acceptance tests
  • Roles of Automated Testing, Domain Driven Design, etc...
  • Dealing with non-functional requirements
  • Exercises

Roles Relations

  • BA vs PO
  • BA vs Scrum Master
  • BA invovment with team members


 14 Hours

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