Tableau Intermediate Training Course Training Course

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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


Recommended- attendance on the Tableau Fundamentals course (or similar level of experience)


Tableau helps people see and understand data.

Course Outline

  1. Connecting to datasources

    • Loading data into Tableau
    • Combining data tables – join
    • Combining data from different sources– merge
    • Extracting data to Tableau format
    • SQL queries
    • Managing data, renaming, adding variables
    • Metadata
  2. Effective visualisations

    • What makes a good visualisation
    • Choosing the right chart
    • The role of colour in data storytelling
    • How to avoid misleading your audience
    • Best practices
  3. Calculations

    • Arithmetic calculations
    • Working with strings
    • Operations on dates and time
    • Array calculations
    • Conditional and logical expressions
    • Conditional filtering
  4. Array formulas

    • Formula range and direction
    • Complex calculations
    • Standard deviation
    • Indexes, shares
  5. Statistics

    • Adding reference and trend lines
    • Calculating descriptive measures
    • Subtotals
    • Aggregation and disaggregation
    • Forecasting
  6. Building effective dashboards

    • Combining visualizations
    • Formatting dashboards
    • Adding filters and actions to create interactive dashboards
    • Making an aesthetically pleasing dashboard
    • Best practices for creating dashboards
  7. Sharing dashboards

    • Publish to Tableau Reader
    • Publish to Tableau Server
    • Publish to PDF



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