Course Outline


  • Hazelcast vs Redis
  • Overview of Hazelcast Features and Architecture
  • Understanding distributed data structures

Getting Started

  • Installing and configure Hazelcast
  • Creating and starting a cluster

Exploring Hazelcast Tools

  • Caching data
  • Implementing data ingestion
  • Running distributed queries

Working with Data Streams

  • Building data pipelines
  • Transforming data streams
  • Aggregating stateful data

Testing Hazelcast Clusters

  • Running integration tests
  • Randomizing cluster names
  • Cleaning up and testing sources

Managing Clusters

  • Securing a cluster
  • Monitoring and maintaining a cluster
  • Optimizing cluster performance
  • Deploying applications on premise and cloud environments


Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of distributed systems
  • Experience with in-memory database technologies
  • Java programming experience


  • Developers
  • System administrators
 14 Hours

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