Requirement for Superset Consulting A large financial services company wanted to step away from using an an industry leading BI solution in one of their key products, and move to an Open Source system (Superset) to make considerable savings in licence costs.

Deliverables NobleProg carried out several project meetings with the client to fully understand the requirements, scope, risks, and technical environment. Based on this we created a comprehensive Statement of Work to help guide and track the project. Our lead consultant has been working to align the existing data architecture to suit the reporting requirements for each report type. The NobleProg lead consultant suggested some changes to be made to the data stores to allow best use of Superset as well as ensuring optimal performance, and provided guidance to the team implementing these changes. Following the optimising of the data store/data pipeline, our consultants commenced building and deploying a variety of reports based on existing requirements and new requests from the business and customers. To be able to present the data as requested some custom plug-ins have been created to allow more interactive data presentation (drill down features etc).

Outcome The consultants have been building new dashboards as well as making sure sufficient knowledge is embedded in the customer organisation to maintain the dashboards and reports.

The project is currently ongoing and has been well received by both the customer business and their end clients. To underscore the success of the project, it has been expanded and extended to include more products and end clients.

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