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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


Basic Drupal knowledge


Drupal is a free and open-source framework for content management and digital experiences. Apache Solr is a fast, scalable and open-source Java search platform.

Course Outline

Configuring Solr and Drupal

  • Setting up Solr
  • Configuring the Search API server
  • Customizing the Solr configuration
  • Overview of possible drupal extensions
  • search_api_solr VS apachesolr
  • d7 vs d8
  • Solr versions support

Faceted Search

  • Taxonomy Facets
  • Display facets on non-search pages
  • Sarnia

Data Alternations

  • Bundle filter
  • Language control
  • Node access
  • URL field
  • Aggregated fields
  • Complete entity view
  • Index hierarchy


  • Ignore case
  • HTML filter
  • Tokenizer
  • Stopwords
  • Highlighting


  • Search with or without accents


  • Views Spellcheck field


  • Titles of selected content types
  • Priority suggestions added via the admin interface
  • Surfer searches

Multiple site search

File and document search

OCR solution

  • Apache Solr Attachments with Tika

Scaling - sharding and clustering




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