Course Outline


Svelte.js Overview

  • What is Svelte.js?
  • Svelet.js features

Svelte.js Syntax and Fundamentals

  • Procedural programming
  • Object-orientated programming
  • Reactive Programming

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Svelte.js

Svelte.js Quick Start

  • Embedding widgets
  • Creating custom components
  • Emitting events
  • Working with slots

Bindings and Forms

  • Using component binding
  • Validating forms and input

State and Data Management

  • Creating, updating, and managing stores

Web Services

  • Adding a REST API
  • Sending, fetching, and transforming data

Routing and SSR

  • Preloading components
  • Fetching and pre-fetching data
  • Syncing stores

Testing the Application

  • Testing with unit tests and mock tests

Debugging the Application

  • Handling errors

Deploying the Application

  • Deploying a frontend application
  • Hosting a frontend application

Securing the Application

  • Hiding data and APIs


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with JavaScript


  • Web Developers
 14 Hours

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