Course Outline


  • Redash vs Metabase vs Superset
  • Overview of Redash features and advantages

Getting Started

  • Installing Redash
  • Supported data sources
  • Connecting to different data sources
  • Configuring users and groups

Querying Data

  • Creating, editing, and publishing queries
  • Running queries from QRDS
  • Adding query parameters
  • Scheduling queries
  • Using favorites and tagging
  • Downloading query results
  • Using query filters and snippets

Creating Visualizations and Dashboards

  • Adding, editing, and embedding visualizations
  • Setting up chart visualizations
  • Other visualization types
  • Combining visualizations in a dashboard
  • Managing dashboard permissions
  • Sharing and embedding dashboards

Setting Up Alerts

  • Creating an alert
  • Adding an alert destination
  • Customizing notification messages
  • Configuring multiple column alerts

Working with Integrations and APIs

  • Accessing APIs with Python
  • Connecting Redash to Zapier
  • Importing query results into Google Spreadsheets
  • Configuring an SSH tunnel using API

Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of data analytics and database concepts
  • Experience in SQL


  • Data scientists
  • Developers
 14 Hours