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The syllabus includes training objectives and details of modules:

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Summary outline:


1. Module 1 – The Basics of IA Architecture

  • What is IA Architecture?
  • The Role of an IA architect
  • Security Design Principles
  • Conceptual Architectures

2. Module 2 – Advanced Security Architecture Concepts

  • Core Security Mechanisms
  • Security Services
  • Security Design

3. Module 3 – Information Assurance Methodologies

  • Information Assurance Frameworks
  • Cryptographic Assurance
  • Product and Service Assurance
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

4. Module 4 – Innovation and Business Improvement

  • Business Change, Security Metrics and ROI
  • Risk, Security Postures and Security Culture
  • Security as a Business Enabler
  • IA Maturity Models

5. Module 5 – Security Across the Lifecycle

  • Security Across the Lifecycle

6. Module 6 – Preparation for IA Architecture mock and live exam

  • Format, structure and scoring of the examination
  • Mock examination, using the BCS sample paper

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the format and scoring of the examination
  • Be prepared to take the IA Architecture examination


NobleProg is a BCS Accredited Training Provider.

This course will be delivered by an expert NobleProg trainer approved by BCS.

The price includes delivery of the full course syllabus by an approved BCS trainer and the BCS CIAA exam (which can be taken remotely in your own time and is invigilated centrally by BCS). Subject to successfully passing the exam (multiple choice, requiring a score of at least 65% to pass) participants will hold the accredited BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Assurance Architecture (CIAA)


There are no formal entry requirements however, candidates will require an understanding of information assurance. 

 35 Hours

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