Delivering Impressive Presentation Decks - Social Skills Workshop Training Course

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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


A Good Knowledge of Powerpoint is highly recommended. 



Improving the ability to prepare an attractive presentation using Powerpoint and other tools


Sales representatives, consultants, research and teaching staff, managers, teachers, corporate employees, SMEs and public institutions, for which the challenge is to stand in front of a group of people, say to them, arousing interest

Course Outline

Brief Introduction

Types of presentation

  • consulting and information

    • designed to deliver

    • report as "just reading" the slide

    sales and persuasive (to be presented)

Preparation of slides

  • adapting the content to the duration of the presentation

  • selection scheme, create your own designs

  • way of presenting content - from general to specific or vice versa

  • selection of titles and range of content

  • visualization - graphs, tables, illustrations (graphics informative)

Preparing a Sales Deck

  • Sales slide deck

    • what to do before starting to design a slide deck,

    • what to include in a sales slides deck.

  • Slide composition

    • structuring the slides,

    • using visuals.

  • Including data

    • effective use of charts,

    • simplifying charts and graphs,

    • how to determine which data deserves a slide,

    • how not to overload your peers,

    • connecting MS Excel.

  • Amplifying your message

    • how to use your slide deck

Support Materials

  • notes for yourself

  • handout for customers

Personal competencies of good speakers

  • voice, diction, wordless message

  • self-presentation

  • ability to build credibility

Zero Hour, which I have in front of audience

  • last 15 minutes pre-concentrate

  • taming the tiger, which is about how to win the stage fright

  • first impression

  • making contact with customers

  • benefits from the break, the "effect of freshness" and not just

Errors that can be avoided

  • unconventional show about life insurance

  • too serious about handkerchiefs nose

  • Bored vs lack of specific details about the subject of presentation

Crisis situations, that is the art of improvisation

  • equipment failure

  • erroneous content on slides

  • tornado and other unforeseen circumstances

Overview of tools for interactive presentations

  • Creating Flash based presentations using Prezi

  • Haiku Deck: Another tool to create interactive Web and iOS based presentations

  • Creating animated narrator videos using GoAnimate

  • Balsamiq: Preparing effective Mockups and Wireframes

  • PowerPoint Addins

    • installing new plugins,,

    • PowerPointLabs,

    • Office Timeline,

    • Poll Everywhere,

    • PowerMockup,

    • Oomfo.

Practice makes perfect

  • AutoSummarize

  • Feedback from participants





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