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stratplanNHS Strategic Planning National Health Service NHS 14 hours This training course has been created for Practice Managers, Practice Owners, General Practitioners, NHS administrators, CCG staff who need to develop strategic planning skills. It is not designed for academic purposes, but offers practical advice how to set goals, realize your plans, communicate them to colleagues and minimize conflict within the organisation. This course focuses on strategic planning for primary care in which flexibility and continuous learning are the most important factors. The main emphasis is strategy using current real-world examples from a number of unrelated industries in order to learn how the strategic models work, then we are going to apply them to primary care. Each course member will have the opportunity to create a strategic plan and learn how to implement it in practice. In these uncertain times in healthcare, you cannot afford not to take this course
strapra Strategic Planning in Practice 14 hours This training course has been created for investors, business owners, directors, managers, executives and analysts who need to develop strategic planning skills. It is not designed for academic purposes, but to start realizing your dreams today. This course focuses on strategic planning for businesses in which flexibility and constant learning is the most important thing. The main emphasis is corporate and investment strategy using current real-world examples. Each course member will have the opportunity to create a strategic plan and learn how to implement it in practice.
bplanbmm Business Plan building with Business Motivation Model 14 hours Attendees will learn the principals behind the modeling of business strategy, and the specifics of doing so using the Business Motivation Model from the OMG. Delegates will build a company business plan during the course complying to the BMM standard
netmrk Using The Internet As A Marketing Channel For Businesses 14 hours Why Focus On Using The Internet As A Marketing Channel [for Promotion & Consumption of your products and/or services]? Your company may have a superior product in terms of Brand Recognition, Pricing & Usability however - without giving adequate attention to the path that the product takes before it end up in the hands of the end user; your organization can quickly find itself losing significant market share. The internet is becoming increasingly involved in the purchasing decisions of the end user. The internet can be both a strategic Promotion as well as Consumption channel. The challenge however is for organizations to incorporate the internet into the corporate plans from a strategic perspective. Benefits of attending this comprehensive course will include : Learning practical tips how to stabilize existing client bases, acquire new customers and ultimately drive revenues Getting simply stated, armed with the practical, down to earth, tried and tested information Enabling the organizations to modify and extend their strategies & Tactics as appropriate in order to separate themselves from the competition Why should you attend? The overall effective use of the internet as a channel to market works in conjunction with the existing components of the Business strategy, such as Branding, Pricing, the USP & specific target Market segments in order to ultimately sell more to existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. As the focus of this program extends far beyond the standard practice of a company having a website and employing an agency to run Pay Per click campaigns all those involved with the Sales, Marketing and Support functions of the organisation will gain from exposing themselves to the content of the seminar.
yourbb Understanding Your Brand and Your Business 21 hours Audience This course is designed for all staff requiring a wider view of their part of the business; their specific roles within it; and of their involvement in improving its contribution to the organisation as a whole Format of the course A combination of: Facilitated Discussions Slide Presentations Exercises By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to: Explain what “brand” is and how they can influence it Understand the process for Change strategies and your company’s position within them Detail the relevant principles underlying any change to a business Realise the importance of Customer / Stakeholder relationships in the successful running of any business Define the financial aspects of a business and of the delegates’ part of that business Determine the important aspects of negotiating to ensure the best possible outcome for their part of the business
stratman Strategic Management 21 hours Audience Senior Managers who need an insight into the issues of Strategic Management and its application Format of the course A combination of: Facilitated Discussions Slide Presentations Case-Studies and Examples By the end of the course, delegates will be able to: Define issues underpinning successful strategic leadership and the link to a strong organisational climate Describe a range of strategic business models and their potential implications for their own business Define the critical concepts underpinning building high performing teams and managing change Define and use key financial measures of strategic success
changeman Change Management 21 hours Audience: This course is designed for all staff requiring a wider view of the Change Process to get the best results for their part of the business Format of the course A combination of: Facilitated Discussions Slide Presentations Exercises and Case Studies At the end of this course, attendees will be able to: Explain the basic Change Strategies that underpin the planning for change in an organisation Understand the use and application of the 9 Change Principles Construct a Change Plan suitable to their part of the business
1125 Balanced Scorecard 14 hours The training is designed to help anyone who is thinking of implementing or working on a balanced scorecard project
busicn Starting Business in China 21 hours This course is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who want start a business in People's Republic of China. It focuses on professional services industry (consulting, hi-tech, etc...), though people working in other industries can also benefit from the course. Th motivation to create this course was that there are a lot of courses focusing on culture or pure legal aspect of doing business in China, there was no course which would comprehensively cover all aspects of the business. This course does not provide any legal advise. It is provided by people who started their own business in China, not lawyers.
sdtpml Strategic Development: Thinking, Planning, Management and Leadership 35 hours Overview This 5-day course will help delegates develop their strategic thinking, planning and management skills including the tactical and operational requirements for successful implementation in a banking environment. The course will deal with the tough issues of conflict management, managing change, what makes a good leader and how to motivate a team. Using interactive case studies as well as sector examples, delegates will be encouraged to share experiences and challenges to help build practical and work focused solutions which they can take back and actually use.   The core objective of the programme is to equip the executives with the skills to scan the business environment to uncover profitable business opportunities as well as develop strategies for gaining competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive business environment. Amongst others, the programme will also provide insight on leadership best practices and behaviors that will strengthen the capacity of the executives to handle the complexities and uncertainties of managing a high performance financial institution. Learning Objectives After attending this course, delegates will be able to: Describe the main problems that are faced by a large bank; Explain the various approaches to organisational development planning; Analyse the current business environment and influences affecting the organisation; Analyse resources within and external to the organisation; Explain the various approaches to managing strategy and it place in the business plan; Evaluate the alternative development strategies so as to recommend the one(s) most suited to the needs of the firm. Apply a deeper understanding of strategic development plans; Discuss objectively the risks, benefits and costs that accompany the implementation of the new strategy including managing conflict in a team; Define approaches to managing the identified risks; Analyse the potential impacts on his or her firm (both positive and negative) that will result from implementing the new strategy; Design policies, systems and processes to successfully implement the emergent strategic plans; Cover the key steps in change management Who Should Attend Product/Service Managers Newly appointed as well as established Managers and Team Leaders Heads of Operations Senior Bank Managers Human Resource Managers Operations Managers Marketing Managers Methodology The course consists of facilitated workshops, supplemented by case studies drawn from a combination of published real life examples and/or practical experience.  There will also be opportunities for attendees to work in small groups to synthesise ideas and strategies and to apply the material in the context of their own organisations/departments.  Open forum discussions will also be a key element.
grmcfun Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Fundamentals 21 hours Course goal: To ensure that an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and capabilities, and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities. Overview: GRC Basic terms and definitions Principles of GRC Core components, practices and activities Relationship of GRC to other disciplines  
myccmr Marketing for your company: Understand customer, do marketing right 28 hours Understand marketing. Touch your customers´ feelings. Prepare your own plan. Make your marketing and business in line with customer expectations and exceed them.
csr Corporate Social Responsibility Fundamentals 7 hours Gain understanding and insights into the value of investing in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and sustainability. Training is conducted in an interactive form and includes a number of case studies.
mrkfct Market Forecasting 14 hours Audience This course has been created for analysts, forecasters wanting to introduce or improve forecasting which can be related to sale forecasting, economic forecasting, technology forecasting, supply chain management and demand or supply forecasting. Description This course guides delegates through series of methodologies, frameworks and algorithms which are useful when choosing how to predict the future based on historical data. It uses standard tools like Microsoft Excel or some Open Source programs (notably R project). The principles covered in this course can be implemented by any software (e.g. SAS, SPSS, Statistica, MINITAB ...)

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