MODAF Overview and Modelling the Enterprise Training Course

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21 hours (usually 3 days including breaks)


This course is delivered in 2 modules:

First module enables students to gain an overview of the use of MODAF to support acquisition.

Secong module provides an in-depth description of the MODAF views and how they are used in the development of an architecture. It describes how the 6-step process is applied and how information gathered from stakeholders is interpreted within the MODAF model and represented in user-focussed views.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction to MODAF (½Day)

  • Explain the benefits of a model-based approach
  • Describe how MODAF provides graphical and textual visualisations of the enterprise (Viewpoints)
  • Describe how MODAF ensures coherence between views (M3 metamodel)
  • Describe the MODAF Viewpoints
  • Describe how MODAF Views combine to describe enterprise change requirements
  • Describe the MODAF 6-step approach

Module 2 – MODAF, Modelling the Enterprise (2 ½ Days)

  • Describe how to scope an EA problem and develop an initial AV-1
  • Describe the purpose and structure of each of the MODAF Views
  • Explain  how a MODAF-based architecture can:
    • Describe the context of an enterprise
    • Express operational capabilities and their metrics and map these to solution elements
    • Express capability within an operational context and the processes that achieve the business or mission goal
    • Describe elements of an enterprise from an SOA Viewpoint
    • Describe how solution resources can be composed to realise capabilities or deliver services
    • Describe the functional behaviour of solution resources
    • Model system data and express how system level data exchange requirements can be mapped to operational information exchange requirements
    • Specify system ports, the routing of port connections, protocols and hardware specifications
    • Describe how architecture models can be enhanced using navigation views and dashboards



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