Blockchain for Telecom Training Course

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7 hours (usually 1 day including breaks)


  • An understanding of the telecom industry


Blockchain is a technology for building decentralized systems. For Telecom providers, this technology could open the door for improved service offerings in areas such as billing and fraud detection, to name just two.

In this course we examine the core principles behind Blockchain technology and gain an understanding of its overall architecture and functionality. Throughout the course, we examine Blockchain technology's specific applications within the Telecom industry. Scenarios include security, payment systems, and user verification.

    Business and technical managers in the Telecom industry

Format of the course
    Part lecture, part discussion, hands-on exercises

Course Outline

    Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain technology as a breakthrough across all industries
    The looming challenge that all Telecoms face

Overview of the Blockchain landscape
    History and Background
    Companies using Blockchain

Blockchain usage
    Payment systems
    Royalty collection

Cryptocurrency security
    Bitcoin pseudo-anonymity
    Security measures
    Wallet backup and restore

Mining and transactions
    Digital assets
    Distributed ledgers
    Networks and nodes
    Proof and distributed consensus
    Pools and scripting

Centralised vs. decentralised blockchains
    Centralised blockchain
    Decentralised blockchain

Use cases and opportunities for Telecom providers
    Verification of outgoing calls

    Fraud detection and prevention
        Roaming and in-subscription identity management
        Smart contracts
        Transparency of transactions

    Secure IoT connectivity
        Ensuring communication between IoT devices

    Enabling of 5G
        Handling heterogeneous access nodes and diverse access mechanisms

    Ensuring the integrity of the network
        Enabling selection mechanisms for new access technology

    Payment methods

    New competitors on the Telecom horizon

Closing remarks
    The future of Blockchain and Telecom


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