Business Objects - Advanced Training Course

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This course is delivered in English.

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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)

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Restricting Data Returned by a Query

  • Applying query conditions
  • Applying wildcards in conditions
  • Using condition objects
  • Understanding relational operators inconditions
  • Using logical operators for multiple conditions

Designing Reports

  • Displaying data in tables and charts
  • Formatting Desktop Intelligence documents
  • Selecting a presentation style at point of
  • query

Analysing in Drill Mode

  • Analysing the data cube
  • Using the drill-down mode
  • Taking a snapshot of the data


  • Applying functions

  • Filtering data

  • Applying calculations to data

  • Applying breaks to data

  • Ranking data

Creating Variables and Alerters

  • Creating variables and formulas

  • Creating alerters

  • Creating running calculations

  • Creating Details & Associated dimension

Synchronizing Data from Multiple Data Providers

  • Concepts of combining data from multipl sources

  • Building a document with blocks of data

Grouping Data using Sections

  • Concepts of grouping data

  • Sectioning

  • Outlining

Creating Templates and Styles

  • Creating templates

  • Applying styles

Sharing Data with Colleagues

  • Sharing reports with Business Objects users

  • Creating reports for non- BusinessObjects users

  • Exporting data

Alternative Query Techniques

  • Defining Combined Query Types

  • Using Combined Queries

  • Using Sub-Queries

  • Creating a Query on a Query

Character and Date String Functions

  • Understanding Character Strings

  • Using the Replace Function

  • Using the Right Function

  • Using the SubString() Function

  • Using the Pos() Function

  • Concatenating Different Data Types

  • Using Date Functions

Grouping Data

  • Grouping Data Using "If… Then… Else…"

  • Using If…Then…Else to Modify Calculations

Calculation Contexts

  • Understanding Calculation Contexts
  • Using Forced Output Calculation Context

  • Using Forced Input Calculation Context

  • Identifying Input and Output Context

Advanced Charting

  • Using Charts

  • Invoking a Secondary Y-axis

  • Applying Multiple Styles on a Single Y-axis

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